Valeria Watson

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Mixed Media, performance art, couture fashion, immersive installations. 207 Coxe Ave, #4 Asheville, NC
Mend Make Market...
Visit my online store on Spoonflower. It is full of original, African Centered textile designs...
Mend Make Market AFFRILACHIA began as a grant from the Puffin Foundation. Our first collaborative project was the Refinery Tool Library Book Room mural.  Titled "Sacred Space."  What began with a Puffin Foundation Grant is now an emergent Asheville business.  
An Ever-evolving Cultural Landscape
The term Affrilachia speaks of place and displacement whether for the Cherokee and Algonquin, Scots-Irish, or the men and women of African ancestry who escaped slavery in the shelter of these mountains. The term "Affrilachia" was originally coined by Frank X Walker, a poet, In reference to the region of Appalachia, a mountain range stretching over thirteen states along the East Coast of the U.S. from Mississippi to New York. Affrilachia is an ever-evolving cultural landscape poised to render the invisible visible.

We are currently a cooperative endeavor in the process of turning the noble experiment into MMM Murals and Decor.

The three principal partners are Devin Lancaster, an art major attending UNCA ,  Harry Rivera an Asheville Artist, Valeria Watson an Asheville Artist.
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We run to the ends of the universe to find ourselves. And return to find the comforts of Love. Tested and tried by fire and drenched in tears and pain. Today we rejoice for we are Free.  Amen and Ase. Yeye 2016